'I’m completely new to ballet and came to Lady Bay Ballet as it was something different to normal retirement hobbies. I really enjoy Katie’s class, it’s a good challenge mentally and physically and helps me stay active and flexible.  It also gives me a real sense of achievement and it feels creative, you can really bring something of yourself to the movements.”


"It's been great coming back to ballet. I've danced most of my life in theatre productions and Katie's classes are really helping develop my core strength and balance. I like the way she encourages us to feel into the movements and steps. Of all the classes I've done over the years Katie's has done the most to deepen my understanding of classical ballet technique in an interesting and fun way."


Don’t dilly dally,
Join us at the ballet
The class is great fun for everyone,
Our senior girl is ninety one

Once I could dance but you’d never know,
I can’t raise my arm now or stand on my toe,
But working with Katie is rewarding and fun
She helps me forget that I’m now ninety one

I totter along at the end of the line
The music is charming, the friendliness fine,
I stagger and stumble but what does it matter
At least I can think that I’m not getting fatter

I sometimes look back with a lot of regrets
To when I could turn and pirouette,
I stagger and stumble but what does it matter
At least I can think I’m not getting fatter.