new BEGINNER adult ballet class


Fridays 7-8pm

At Lady Bay Scout Hall, 53 Mona Road, West Bridgford, NG2 5BU


Who is this class suitable for:-

Everybody! This ballet class will be of a beginners level. No ballet experience needed, all ages welcome.  


What can taking ballet class do for me:-

Ballet can transform your body into being strong, long, lean and flexible all through taking ballet class. By using classical ballet technique as a core structure, along with classical ballet exercises you will be training your body through repetition and creating muscle memory.
Taking ballet class can help improve joint flexibility, core strength, balance, muscle definition, posture, special awareness, stamina, musicality and confidence.


Classes are £5 and pay as you go.

Mrs Cave looks forward to welcoming you soon. If you have any questions please email:-




Wedding First Dance 2018

Are you getting ready for the big day and want to wow your friends and family with your first dance? If so let me help choreograph a bespoke Wedding Dance to compliment you & your partners style, and vision for your dance.

With lots of experience in teaching Wedding Dances many couples had a great variety of styles and unique visions for there dance, Including all genres of music.I will work with you both going step by step at your own pace, were you can really enjoy dancing together, learning & developing your unique dance, In a relaxed, friendly and fun environment.

Sessions are held in a large, light wooden floored space with sound system. Car parking is also available.

Location- Poppy & Pint- NG2 5DX.

For availability and prices please email:-



Thank you to BBC Radio Nottingham for inviting me to come in and talk more in depth about what we do at Lady Bay Ballet. I had a fantastic time and you made me feel very welcome.

To listen to my interview, please click on the link below.  The interview begins 2hours 9minutes in.




Thank you to BBC Radio Nottingham for coming to our Beginners Adult Ballet Class on Friday 3rd March. It was wonderful to have you guys come over and see what we do at Lady Bay Ballet. It was also very interesting to see all the hard work that goes into making a piece for radio and not only the pure skill that is involved but vision and attention to detail. It was a fantastic experience and a great way to spread the word about what we do, and most importantly at Lady Bay Ballet it is never too late to take ballet class! - Audio recording of the piece will be on here very soon!  Thank you once again.


Lady Bay Ballet is now on Twitter @ladybayballet & you can now view our LBB page and join our Lady Bay Ballet group on Facebook.


Male Dancers wanted:- Adult Ballet Class- Fridays 1.00-2.00pm

We are looking to expand this ballet class and bring classical ballet and what we do at Lady Bay Ballet to a wider audience.
We are looking for women and men that have had some ballet or dance experience in the past. If you are interested in joining this class or would like to come watch before beginning please email me

If you have had some ballet or dance experience in the past or recently this class will be suitable for you. This ballet class is of a very similar level to Wednesdays evening class. I would recommend this ballet class for anyone who wishes to pursue classical ballet in a more advanced setting and quicker paced class, however I do recommend coming along and trying the class to see how you feel. All of our classes have a range of abilities.
In this class we will be also be focusing on increasing heart rate and improving stamina through allegro work (small to medium jumps)

Adult ballet classes are available every Friday between 1.00-2.00pm. Located at the Poppy and Pint £5.00 per class (Pay as you go)



Happy New Year 2017.

I am excited begin our 3rd year of Lady Bay Ballet and look forward to continuing to introduce and explore the wonderful world of classical ballet and the many benefits of taking ballet class to adults of all ages within Nottingham



Lady Bay Ballet's 20 minute body conditioning-ballet barre.

Using our newly extended ballet barre, improve your muscle tone and definition, flexibility, posture and alignment and gain muscular and core strength through the technique of classical ballet exercises. Continue to centre practice using classical ballet exercises, creative choreography, and allegro



One year of Lady Bay Ballet.

It is coming up to one year since Lady Bay Ballet opened its doors and I am delighted with the response LBB has received from ladies and gents in Lady bay and surrounding areas. Due to increasing numbers in both the Adult Ballet classes I am please to announce Lady Bay Ballet has new ballet barres that will accommodate up to a further14 people. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this year and I look forward to welcoming more ladies and gents to Lady Bay Ballet in our second year. 08/09/2015




    Tuesday 14th July 2015, Secrion 2 /Life- by Siobhan Norton

Ballet- which most girls abandon at school- is the latest fitness craze. says Siobhan Norton, who discovers why growing numbers are using plies and pirouettes to work out

'The nostalgia is undeniable, but what really rocked ballet back into the mainstream was the release of the film Black Swan in 2010 what really fired our imagination was the power-pink and grey marl wardrobe and the slender frames of stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Sports brands raced to release ballet-inspired looks and we all reasoned with ourselves that it was once more acceptable to don legwarmers. The health club perennial, Zumba, was overtaken by ballet-inspired classes'

'There are people out there who don't want to go for a run or spinning- but a ballet class on a Sunday afternoon is much more fun and sociable'

'Rein maintains that you don't have to be swan-like to see the benefits of barre' 'There are modifications for every exercise so you are still working the same muscle groups but to your anatomy's ability. There is really no plateau, you can always bring it to a deeper level because you're working with your own body weight. It leaves you strong and toned'.