Notts TV came to see us at out studio, they created a wonderful piece with interviews from myself (creator & ballet teacher of Lady Bay Ballet) our dancers and our class in action! The broadcast aired on Notts TV Monday 16th September. To see the full broadcast please visit our Facebook page!

About our Beginners Adult Pointe Classes

Wednesdays 6.30-7.15pm and Fridays 2.15-3.00pm

These pointe classes have been created for the complete beginner in pointe work and have been developed for adults that wish to 'go on pointe' or wished and never got the chance, this is your time!
Perhaps you have always wanted to own your own pair of pointe shoes, 'get up on to pointe' and that has been your dream, this class is starting for you.

We begin the class on the floor, using a TheraBand we work on strengthening exercises for the metatarsals, ankles and foot. We also work on a metatarsal exercise using the floor, which is fantastic for strengthening and training the toes and metatarsals.

As well as accomplishing getting onto pointe when you are ready (always using the ballet barre), we will also be looking at how we dance in pointe shoes, this is very important as they are very different to soft ballet shoes. Working in pointe shoes strengthens your feet, metatarsals, ankles and core.
The art of dancing in a pointe shoe is something we will continue to explore after the barre through classical ballet exercises in the centre, working on flat in pointe shoe continues to strengthen the feet.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Cave at ladybayballet@sky.com

Bill our lovely dancer that joins us on Friday mornings in our beginner class is pictures here below. Bill kindly brought in a photo of herself when she was a young girl and her certificates from an RAD exam.
Seeing Bill then in her past and now still taking ballet class moved me very much.
Bills storey was a wonderful example of why I began Lady Bay Ballet over 4 years ago. It is very inspiring and a great motivation to keep Lady Bay Ballets ethos alive!

Thank you Bill.